TrafficShield™ Glare Screen System

The TrafficShield™ is an anti-glare/anti-gawk glare screen system that attractively and affordably replaces new or existing wood, plastic and metal systems. Used to delineate both temporary and permanent medians, the system lessens headlight glare that vehicles and workers experience from on-coming motorists. It can also help reduce the traffic noise and debris that work crews encounter while working in construction zones.

When mounted on the top of median barriers, TrafficShield™ helps to minimize traffic slowdowns and motorist distractions in work zones and roadways. Constructed from armored lightweight EPS foam, TrafficShield™ is 75% lighter than wood glare shields.

Easily installed by one or two workers, TrafficShield™ glare screen system may be mounted to concrete barrier, with preexisting mounting holes or surface mount brackets.

TrafficShield™ Glare Screen Barrier System

Features & Benefits

• Constructed of EPS foam.
• Protected with a tough armor coating.
• Easily stacked for shipment and storage.
• UV protected – weather resistant and durable.
• Resists salts, chlorides and corrosion.
• Easy and economical installation and repair.

• Helps reduce Headlight Glare.
• Helps reduce Gawking.
• Helps reduce Debris entering work zone.
• Helps reduce Noise in Work Zone.

• Windshield impact tested.
• Multi angle pendulum tested.
• Tested to wind speeds up to 130 mph.

• Standard Light Gray
• Available in Custom Colors to Match Any Aesthetic
• Manufactured in 18″, 24″ and 30″ Standard Heights
• Custom Sizes May Be Available, Call For Details.

TrafficShield™ Glare Screen Barrier System

 Product Information Sheet

TrafficShield™ Product Information Sheet